on the Square
"...your deepest presence is  in every small contracting and expanding.
                            The two as beautifully balanced & coordinated as birdwings."  
                                                                                                                            ` Rumi

Description of  Classes

Yoga Asana      
Playful practice .  Finding alignment within the postures, connecting the mind and the body (yoga),  focus and attention bring a full body experience, cultivating present moment awareness.  Moderate activity.  All levels welcome.

Relax & Restore (R&R) 
Restful practice.  Designed to re-set and bring rest to the nervous system and the mind, as well as the body.  Reconnect with your spirit with breath awareness and meditation.  Grounding, nurturing and supportive.  Very low activity. All levels welcome.

Ease into Asana  
Gentle practice. Designed to get you started, whether new to yoga, returning to your practice, or learning modifications for specific needs (ie: injury, challenge, etc).  Foundations of asana practice, introduction to meditation and breath awareness. Light to moderate activity. All levels welcome.

meditation.  Active flow practice.  Postures connect together as the breath guides the mind toward stillness. See below for levels.

        Short Flow Practice 
45 minute class. Designed to re-center and energize. Great mid-day attitude
         adjustment.  Moderate to high activity. All levels welcome.

        Strong Flow Practice
        75 minute practice. Designed to challenge the physical, focus the mental,
        and liberate the Self.  High activity.  Levels 2 & 3. (yoga experience helpful)

"Mat work" designed to bring balance to the body through core strength, flexibility and awareness. Moderate activity.  All levels welcome.

Private Sessions 
Available by appointment. 
    One-on-One   Addressing your indivual needs, finding answers to help you decrease     
    stress, increase metabolism, recover from injury or illness, or to deepen your existing  
    Group Sessions  available to groups of 2 or more people with like minds and similar 
    Scheduled weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

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